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Our Mazes

Waterfront Studios

Waterfront Studios has a long dark history. The 100 year old building was made famous for producing some of the best original horror films to ever be shown on the silver screen. However it has now become infamous for many murders and reports of people going missing.. All cases that have never been solved.. Whilst the film studios itself has been closed for many years now the building and its contents remains untouched.. However there have been reports of old employees taking members of the public for non-official tours around the grounds of the studio..

St Mildreth's Catholic Institution

St Mildreth’s is an old historic Catholic school that was closed down by the government many years ago after the children that attended (and lived) there all mysteriously died. The building has been derelict for nearly a decade now but reports have come in that Squatters have broken into the main building. There have been a security firm hired in to watch the building over night as preservation of the site is paramount as investigations into the mass homicide were never concluded. However investigations came to a halt when detectives claimed to have seen Nuns and children roaming the halls.. However none of them were able to speak in details about what they witnessed.. But the building needs protecting and someone has to do it..