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History of Mad House Margate

History of Mad House Margate
Mad House Margate held its first halloween scare event in October 2016 after a very successful run of their first Winter Wonderland the previous year. The Williams family have always loved going to halloween scare events and decided it was something they would want to do themselves. For a few years it was just an idea, however after the huge success of the Christmas event they decided to bite the bullet and just do it. Fortunately the risk paid off as the reaction that Mad House Margate received was incredible. They were also visited by the ScareCON and ScareTOUR review team, who travel around europe visiting halloween events reviewing and publishing their opinions. Not only did they write an incredible review, but they also nominated them for “Best New Event” and “Best Scare Event” and the team was awarded the trophy for being the “Best New Event” in 2016. This only motivated and fired up the team’s passion to make future halloween events and gradually expand the business.

Email: madhousemaze@gmail.com

Mad House Margate 2017

  • Madhouse Margate
    "Madhouse Margate is a great attraction and the team have once again clearly worked hard to deliver an engaging and scary event."
  • Margate MadHouse 2017
    "We loved Margate Madhouse so much last year, that we were delighted to hear the team at Madhouse were returning with an additional maze. The unassuming building could do with something to highlight the attraction but we get that can get expensive for independent venues like Westgate Pavilion. We’re here to be scared none-the-less."
  • Fun House
    "Don’t let the title fool you! The scene is set from the off as we were greeted by a very cheeky ringmaster “anyone ever told you, you look like a trumpet... you’re making me horny”. Full of colour, random surfaces and fantastic set pieces that entertained and scared in equal measure. The Funhouse is a great addition that showcases the team's passion for terrifying people. The mini games and interactions with characters are well placed and thought through, cleverly creating anxiety that kept us on edge. The child snatcher and huge doll on wheels deserve a mention. "